= Equal Coffee Company Overview =
Established in 2007 as a coffee brand under “EXTENSION LLC.” We primarily engage in the delivery of roasted coffee beans and the import of coffee beans. In the same year, our founder began importing coffee beans as a coffee sourcer. We initiated research into cultivation, fermentation, and processing at coffee origins. This led us to explore various coffee varieties and fermentation methods. We conducted research on coffee origins primarily in Asia, provided consulting services for opening coffee shops, supported coffee businesses, and began importing/exporting coffee equipment and utensils.

Main Business Activities:

  • Import and sale of coffee equipment and utensils
  • Import and sale of coffee beans
  • Consulting on coffee tree cultivation
  • Support for opening coffee shops
  • Interior design and construction of cafes

Equal Coffee History

Participation in coffee cultivation projects, conducting research on coffee cultivation.
Additionally, responsible for web marketing, publicity, and branding strategies for coffee farming to raise awareness of coffee cultivation practices.

Started a business selling small batches of green coffee beans specifically for micro-roasters. Also began creating micro-lots and original coffee batches.

Released the new Agtron scale (coffee bean and ground roast degree measurement machine) “dipper.”
Exhibited “dipper” at SCAJ2023. Received significant acclaim for its high performance as a commercial-grade equipment with minimal design.

Released the new coffee filter “Equal Coffee Filter.”

Scheduled to exhibit at SCAJ (Specialty Coffee Association of Japan) with new products.

Currently in progress: collaborating with multiple companies and planning to release new products.

5th Floor, Naka-Meguro FS Building,
3-6-2 Naka-Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo,
153-0061, Japan

For media appearances, interviews, and inquiries,
please contact: equalcoffee@equalcoffee.jp

CEO Message

Equal Coffee is committed to supporting the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) aimed at achieving a sustainable coffee industry. When sourcing coffee at Equal Coffee, we not only directly visit coffee origins for procurement but also regularly conduct farm visits to deeply understand the cultivation conditions. We actively engage with local farmers who grow coffee, fostering positive interactions. Additionally, we have dedicated departments within our company to conduct coffee cultivation research.

Why do we actively involve ourselves in cultivation?

As coffee beans are seeds of plants, coffee cultivation is essentially agriculture. It’s crucial for us, as coffee businesses, to realize the importance of actively engaging in improving and conserving the environment surrounding coffee cultivation.

We participate in experimental coffee cultivation, spending at least one week per month on coffee farms to conduct hands-on inspections. While we primarily monitor coffee cultivation using an app, plants exhibit direct responses to environmental changes. Therefore, we listen to the messages emitted by the coffee trees and make efforts to interpret environmental changes from the condition of the coffee, continuing our commitment to understanding and adapting to these changes.

During our participation in SCAJ in 2023, we received numerous requests for paper materials. However, we made a conscious effort to minimize paper usage and prioritize electronic formats. While we understand that this may have inconvenienced those accustomed to paper, we are grateful for the understanding and cooperation from many individuals in embracing the transition to a paperless approach.

Although it may be a small effort, we believe that every step counts. Our product, the “Equal Coffee Filter,” also utilizes materials that are degradable, contributing to our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Moving forward, we will continue our research efforts towards initiatives that reduce environmental impact, with the ongoing support and wisdom from our customers. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation in our environmental endeavors.

Equal Coffee by EXTENSION LLC
CEO and Founder: DAICHI