“Equal Coffee Filter”
Non-woven Fabric Coffee Filter
The world’s first patented design of multi-layer non-woven coffee filter. Excellent clarity without paper smell. Adjustable flow rate & segmented density improves coffee bloom & extraction without clogging. Beautiful flying wing design for easy cleaning.
Unbleached – Conical
1-2Cups 30filters


Allowing sufficient bloom time, the coffee is pre-infused, ensuring a smooth flow during the drip process. The filter’s adjustable design responds to the user’s ideal brewing pace, thanks to its unique construction, making it less prone to dripping failures and enhancing coffee extraction efficiency. It eliminates unnecessary bitterness and harsh flavors, delivering a clearer, more refined specialty coffee.

This superior filter is designed to draw out the coffee beans’ natural flavors, providing a luxurious coffee experience.

Soaring Form

A flying wing design with wings spread wide. Its beautiful form captivates onlookers and adds elegance to the brewing experience.

The Proper Bloom According to Equal Coffee

How to Properly Bloom During the Golden Blooming Period

The “bloom” is crucial for efficient coffee extraction. If the water flows too quickly, the bloom will be uneven and insufficient. On the other hand, adding too much water can result in over-blooming and premature extraction. Achieving the “golden bloom” before extraction begins requires a well-designed filter structure.The ideal design retains water thoroughly in the first half of the bloom, ensuring sufficient pre-infusion, and then allows the water to flow through in the second half.The answer lies in experiencing the bloom with the Equal Coffee Filter.

“Flow Rate” According to Equal Coffee

To retain a rich body while avoiding excess bitterness, harshness, and astringency.

We want to achieve a thicker body by using a finer grind, but this often leads to over-extraction as water pools, causing negative elements like excess bitterness, harshness, and astringency to spoil the cup. In the latter part of the drip, we want the water to pass through quickly, but the filter doesn’t allow it. These were our challenges.The solution is a filter design that preserves the coffee oils and body while allowing the water to pass through swiftly in the latter stages of the drip, minimizing the extraction of negative elements. Additionally, the filter prevents leaks during extraction, reducing the likelihood of channeling.Experience the optimal flow rate in the latter stages of the drip with the Equal Coffee Filter.

Five Key Features of the Equal Coffee Filter

1. Appropriate blooming and smooth flow
Enhances the effect of blooming and ensures a smooth flow during the latter part of the drip to prevent clogging of the filter. Solves issues of excessive extraction of bitterness, off-flavors, acidity, and astringency by ensuring appropriate blooming.

2. Stable and uniform extraction with consistent fibers
Developed to improve the variability in fiber size and density, which can cause unstable extraction. Ensures uniformity of fibers and achieves stable and consistent extraction by controlling the size of the pores.

3. Channeling prevention structure
With a structure that minimizes coffee escape, channeling is less likely to occur. Acts like a dripper's filter, catching unevenly ground coffee or failed drips to ensure smooth extraction. This results in "coffee that tastes good even when cold". Ideal for beginners in coffee making, as it minimizes the chances of failure and allows for easy dripping.

4. Balanced clarity of coffee's inherent flavor
Stable extraction leads to a well-balanced coffee flavor. Reduces unwanted flavors and brings out the natural aroma of the beans more clearly.

5. Elegant form
With a graceful appearance reminiscent of spread wings, it not only serves a functional purpose but also adds a touch of elegance to the brewing space, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Here’s the development story

The “Equal Coffee Filter” was born after several years of research conducted by a group of coffee experts who gathered in a small coffee studio.

After reassessing the material of the filter, we decided to adopt a Non-woven Fabric that maintains uniformity of pores more easily and allows for easier control of pore density, thus achieving stable extraction and the extraction speed and efficiency desired by researchers.

While leveraging the characteristics of this material, we focused on factors that affect dripping, such as fiber density of the filter, smooth flow throughout the extraction process, coffee drainage, removal of excess off-flavors and bitterness, coffee oils, fines, aeration, flow rate, etc. We incorporated the opinions of baristas and experts, conducting tests and prototypes repeatedly to validate our findings.

As a result of this research, we successfully developed a filter that controls the shape and density of a unique layered structure through proprietary technology, improving extraction stability and achieving the desired extraction speed and efficiency. Proper blooming is ensured, preventing excessive accumulation during dripping and efficiently extracting coffee with smooth flow throughout the process.

The adjustable design of the filter seems to breathe like a living organism, perfectly tailored to the ideal of the person dripping. It also plays a role similar to a dripper, preventing leakage from the sides and smoothly releasing to the front.

This filter maximizes the greatness of coffee beans, enriching the coffee life with a balance of acidity, sweetness, and bitterness.

From coffee novices to seasoned baristas, our filter caters to all

Equal Coffee has designed a filter that caters to both home users, enabling easy drip brewing, and baristas seeking high-quality results. We aimed to create a filter that is simple and reliable, effectively reducing any unwanted flavors such as bitterness, acidity, and astringency, while bringing out the true essence of the beans.

The Equal Coffee Filter ensures a thorough blooming in the initial phase of brewing while being designed to prevent clogging, minimizing extraction errors and avoiding any excess off-flavors, acidity, or bitterness in the latter part of the process. This makes it easy for beginners to brew delicious coffee, while also being suitable for extracting delicate specialty coffees that demand precise extraction.

For experienced baristas, this filter offers the flexibility to experiment with various extraction methods and achieve desired results with ease. If you think “it’s just a filter,” we invite you to try it out and discover the joy of hand-drip coffee brewing. We hope that this filter enriches everyone’s coffee experience and brings more enjoyment to their coffee life.


  • Compatible with cone-shaped drippers
  • Enhances the aesthetic appeal of the person brewing with its beautiful exterior
  • Allows for the development of new coffee recipes due to its innovative filter design
  • Properly “blooms” during the golden blooming period, avoiding water pooling during blooming
  • Resolves clogging issues and avoids extraction times where off-flavors increase
  • Covers for extraction mishaps and encourages efficient extraction
  • Achieves a clear finish, extracting the true flavor of the coffee beans
  • Made of Non-woven Fabric material (a type of non-woven fabric)
  • Cuts down on excess off-flavors, bitterness, and acidity through its unique structural design

Here are some testimonials from our valued customers:

“I compared it with paper filters, and the taste changed dramatically.”
“There are many recipes that highlight light roasts, so it seems to pair well with the menu at cafes.”
“My usual coffee has transformed into a clear and clean taste, with unwanted flavors being cut.”
“I tried it out, and indeed the extraction is excellent. I want to experiment with it more.”
“I feel like the sweetness and depth have increased. It seems like there’s more oil compared to paper filters; could that be the reason?”
“It’s not just a paper filter, it’s a godly filter.”
“I tried it with several cone-shaped drippers, and the advantage of being able to steep thoroughly while brewing faster seems significant.”
“It had a smooth taste. Almost no unwanted flavors.”
“It’s clearly different. Is there some kind of magic involved?”
“Previously, finer grind sizes would clog, but now I can try recipes I couldn’t before.”
“I poured the water gently as instructed, and it held up nicely before dripping slowly.”
“Not needing to rinse is convenient, especially during busy times when workflow reduction is crucial.”
“I noticed a significant difference in taste. I can’t go back to my old filters.”
“It seems to pair well with light roasts, but I think it would also work with darker roasts.”
“I was surprised after comparing. It could drastically change the taste of a cafe. Is it possible to get them for commercial use?”
“The excellent drainage in the latter part of the drip makes sense as unwanted flavors are cut.”
“It solved the issue of clogging with two-cup brewing.”
“It looks like it’s dripping slowly, but it’s magically flowing smoothly.”
“It increases extraction efficiency compared to before, yet it doesn’t bring out unwanted flavors, bitterness, or astringency.”
“No fines falling through.”
“It’s strange how water flows through even with very fine grinds.”

“The ultimate filter for light roasts.”

A cup of speciality coffee a day

“The Equal Coffee Filter comes in packs of 30 sheets, designed for those who cherish brewing a cup of coffee every day. With 30 sheets per pack, it’s tailored for a month’s worth of brewing, ensuring you can enjoy your daily cup of coffee with ease.”

“Wholesale and distributor opportunities are now open worldwide. We are actively seeking partners to join us in bringing Equal Coffee Filters to markets around the globe.”

Equal Coffee FIlter

Equal Coffee Filter

For hand-drip brewing of 1-2 cups,
specifically designed for cone-shaped drippers.

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